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Laryngeal Videoendostroboscopy in the Assessment & Management of Clinical Voice Disorders

Posted by | Ailish Lynch | Date: 14 Jun 2017 | 12:19pm

Date:                           This is a full-day event on July 20th, 2017. 

Location:                   Dublin, TBC. 

Fee:                             IASLT fee - €40

                                    Non-member fee - €70


To apply:

Please complete application form at the link below:


Course Aims:

  1. To gain an understanding of the different types of laryngeal examination available and the advantages/disadvantages of each.
  2. To understand the theory of stroboscopy and its application to the assessment of voice disorders.
  3. To be aware of methods of obtaining good quality laryngeal images
  4. To have knowledge of the normal larynx and the most common abnormal laryngeal pathologies.
  5. To be aware of stroboscopy rating scales in common use.
  6. To understand how vocal hyperfunction and hypofunction can be evaluated as part of a laryngeal examination.
  7. To understand the roles of the surgeon and therapist in managing vocal fold abnormalities.

For further information please see attached document.

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