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Improvement Knowledge and Skills Guide

Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 26 Oct 2017 | 09:53am

Improvement is everyone’s role and responsibility. This guide will help to support the ongoing learning and professional development of all staff both clinical and non-clinical by providing a list of improvement knowledge and skills which can help to educate, train and guide staff on how to deliver improvement in the health service.

The purpose of the guide is to:

1. Assist individuals to self-assess their:

  • current knowledge and skills in relation to improvement
  • learning and development needs for current or future roles

2. Assist hospital groups, community healthcare organisations and the national ambulance service to assess and build improvement capability and capacity that enable staff to participate in and lead improvement initiatives

3. Assist health sector trainers, third level colleges, institutions and professional bodies to design academic curricula and education and training programmes for improvement

The improvement knowledge and skills are structured around the six drivers of the Framework for Improving Quality  and the four levels of the learning and development journey in improvement.

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