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March 6th is CPLOL European Day: Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Posted by | Administration Officer | Date: 11 Feb 2019 | 13:29pm


What is the European Day of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)?


In 2004, CPLOL (Standing Liaison Committee of European Speech and Language Therapists and Logopedists) created European day to increase awareness of the SLT profession throughout Europe. It is essential to develop public awareness about communication and feeding, eating, drinking, and swallowing (FEDS) disorders, their effect on human health, the rights of patients with these disorders, and ways to help them. The message of European Day is that the prevention and management of communication and FEDS disorders may gain by sharing knowledge and experience throughout Europe. With that in mind, one theme is proposed each year, and where possible, a common slogan and shared materials are used.


What are the benefits of celebrating European Day?

The celebration of European day increases public awareness of a wide-range of communication and FEDS disorders and of the SLTs’ role. It is an opportunity to promote the work of SLT associations not only within each individual country but at a European level. Celebrating European Day allows us to show that SLTs throughout Europe have a common goal and that we are working together to make a dynamic impact on promoting health and well-being in children and adults with communication and FEDS disorders throughout Europe. *Please see Documents attached for Press Release and Poster



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