Research Survey Participation

Research Survey Participation

Vocal and Communicative Congruence in Collaborative Assessment and Goal-setting in Speech and Language Therapy from the Perspectives of Transgender/Gender-Diverse People and SLTs/SLPs: A Survey study

My name is Chang-Jung Lu, and I am conducting a survey to explore the idea of how vocal and communicative congruence is considered by transgender/ gender-diverse people and speech-language therapists/ pathologists in the assessment and goal setting of speech and language therapy. This project is part of my PhD in Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, under the supervision of Dr Ciarán Kenny.

The competition of an online survey (20-25 minutes) is required for this project. The findings of this study are intended to improve voice and communication intervention for transgender and gender-diverse people in the future.

Participation is entirely voluntary, and the survey is fully anonymous. This research project has received ethical approval from the Research Ethics Committee of the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland [REF:TT93-R2130].

I am kindly asking you for your help to share the survey. I would be grateful if you could share this email with any members of your organization or professional contacts. Should you wish to post about it on social media, I attach a poster that can be used.

Here you can find the survey link:

For Transgender/ gender-diverse people:                 For Speech-language therapists: