For Immediate Release. Date: 25th October 2023.


Statement on the launch of the Roadmap for Service Improvement

2023 – 2026, Disability Services for Children and Young People

While the development of a roadmap is welcome, IASLT is concerned about the
absence of engagement with families, front line clinicians, professional bodies and
FORSA in developing this roadmap despite calls for engagement. All have been
excluded from key decisions and consultations.

The Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists has previously expressed
concern over the safety of Children’s Disability Services : Statement July 22, Statement
Sept 23. We have repeatedly requested meaningful and timely consultation with our
profession regarding the current and future delivery of Children’s Disability Services. We
have previously highlighted these concerns to the Chief Clinical Officer, HSE and the

The top-down approach in developing this road map is not acceptable, it does not
acknowledge the lived experiences of families or the importance of frontline staff who
are the key to the success of reconfiguration. This is not how successful change is
implemented. This roadmap does not address the significant concerns identified by our
profession. Combined with significant staffing retention issues we are concerned about
the ability to implement the much required changes in paediatric disability services for
children, families and clinicians.

Statement Ends.
*The Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists is the recognised professional association for Speech & Language Therapists in the Republic of Ireland.