Frequently Asked Questions About IASLT

Frequently Asked Questions About IASLT

  • IASLT members are advised to use the term ‘MIASLT’ as part of their signature on all documentation relating to their professional practice. 
  • These letters are a symbol of your professional identity and position in the IASLT community.

  • Advertisements regarding job opportunities. 
  • The latest news regarding CPD opportunities and SLT initiatives.
  • IASLT publications ranging from the latest clinical guidelines to public information leaflets.
  • Recorded CPD webinars on various topics.
  • Your CPD portfolio for recording your CPD requirements.
  • Access to IASLT Podcasts - 'IASLT in Conversation.'
  • Access to copies of the IASLT monthly newsletter.
  • Access to the IASLT Learning Centre.
  • IASLT promotes research survey participation on our website.

  • You have the opportunity to attend and vote in Board elections at our annual AGM.
  • You can join one of our Standing committees or subcommittees.
  • You can act as an IASLT representative at events or as part of national working groups.
  • You can become a member of an IASLT working group.
  • You can support IASLT with content development for our new website.
  • You can support IASLT to identify member CPD needs.
  • You can share the IASLT newsletter with colleagues and promote and share IASLT postings across social media channels.
  • You can attend the IASLT Biennial Conference with top national and international speakers and a fantastic range of educational, scientific and social networking opportunities and experiences.
  • Members also have the opportunity to submit their research, group or individual, in the form of a Poster or an Oral Presentation at the IASLT Biennial Conference.
  • You can contact and arrange to speak to a team member in relation to getting more actively involved with the professional body.

Those wishing to apply for full IASLT membership must be either qualified in the Republic of Ireland and registered with CORU or have qualified abroad and have had their qualifications validated by CORU and are now registered with CORU. 

Applicants for full membership must also have worked during the past two years and agree to meet IASLT standards for continuing professional development. 5% of full members are audited each year (whether practising in Ireland or overseas).

For more information on the different requirements for different membership categories Click here

  • The IASLT CPD Officer explores and responds to your professional development needs, using a variety of tools and resources, many of which are accessible via the IASLT website. 
  • We work to ensure that the quality of speech and language therapy education meets the present and future needs of SLTs and their clients.
  • The IASLT submits proposals to the national HSCP Office annually for funding to support the delivery of CPD
  • The IASLT CPD Portfolio is available for members to plan and record their CPD. 
  • Details of the vast CPD offering at member rates are available to view on the IASLT Learning centre.
  • You can register for events through the IASLT Website and receive a certificate detailing CPD hours on completion. 
  • CPD events are advertised on by email and social media.
  • There are reduced rates for IASLT members for all our CPD events including the IASLT biennial conference

  • The IASLT is registered as a lobbyest with
  • IASLT lobbies the Government, Oireachtas health committee, all political parties, and the Department of Health and Children and other National Bodies on key issues and priorities. We influence policy development and plans through responses and submissions and are invited to participate in government appointed groups to drive changes and better services to meet the needs of population groups with communication needs.
  • The IASLT makes a prebudget submission annually to Government.
  • The IASLT is leading work to shape the speech and language therapy profession into the future, developing the scope and standards of practice, influencing and accrediting curriculum development, and supporting members. 
  •  We keep the profile of the profession high by achieving coverage in the national and regional media. 
  • The IASLT represents member’s views.
  • The IASLT accredits Irish university undergraduate  and graduate speech and language therapy programmes

All information regarding coming to work in Ireland as an SLT from another country can be found here:


All information regarding to leave Ireland to work within an MRA country can be found here:

  • You receive our monthly electronic newsletter - if you are not receiving this newsletter please email
  • Members can access a range of information in the members area of our website, including access to printed guidelines on many topics and recorded webinars. 
  • You can read the latest research and evidence in our journal 'Advances in Communication and Swallowing".
  • Members can access IASLT publications ranging from the latest clinical guidelines to public information leaflets. 
  • Members receive regular email updates from IASLT. 
  • You can listen to conversations about  current topics in Podcast Series  "IASLT in Conversation".
  • IASLT is active across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

More information regarding your eligibility for an MRA letter of Good standing can be found in our “IASLT MRA Letter of Good Standing: An Eligibility and Application Guide” available here: