Managing FEDS in Infants and Young Children in the Community: A post basic workshop for SLTs in local services. 2&3:11:22 Details

Managing Infant Feeding in the Community: A workshop for SLTs

Managing Infant Feeding in the Community: A workshop for SLTs

Who this workshop is for: • Speech and language therapists who have an active FEDS caseload in their place of work or who plan to establish or re-establish a FEDS service (e.g. there may have been a service previously which was discontinued due to an empty post). • SLTs who are interested in building their skills and increasing their confidence in working with infants and young children with FEDS needs in a primary care or CDNT setting.

Prerequisites to attend the workshop:

  • Dysphagia qualification and previous theoretical training in dysphagia (note this workshop will not focus on theoretical knowledge of dysphagia and is not a qualification course).
  • Currently working in a service which cares for infants and young children with FEDS needs.
  • Have access to a supervisor for FEDS cases.
  • Have your manager’s signed consent that you will have access to and be working with a FEDS caseload.
  • Be able to commit to working with at least 2 infants / young children with FEDS needs within your service between workshop dates and follow-up tutorial. You will be required to video sessions for discussion at the follow-up day.


  • Some experience of having worked with infants or young children with FEDS needs, with or without support, would be advantageous.
  • This training is not suitable for SLTs who already have advanced or specialist FEDS skills.


Aims of the workshop:

  • To be able to apply theoretical knowledge about paediatric feeding difficulties to clinical practice.
  • To increase confidence in working with infants and young children with FEDS needs within a primary care or CDNT setting.
  • To be able to manage infants and young children with FEDS needs independently (with access to appropriate supervision).
  • To recognise when an issue is beyond the therapist’s competency level and to know when to ask for help and make an onward referral as appropriate.
  • To create a peer group and a support network for SLTs working in FEDS.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Carry out a comprehensive clinical assessment to evaluate feeding and swallowing difficulties in infants and young children.
  • Develop a holistic management plan for infants and young children with feeding and swallowing difficulties, through problem solving and clinical reasoning.
  • Use a range of compensatory and rehabilitative strategies to support infants and young children with feeding and swallowing difficulties.
  • Know when to link with the MDT and other agencies as appropriate.


Structure of the workshop:

The course will be interactive and will be based on video case discussions.

The workshop will include:

  • Short lectures
  • Video review and analysis
  • MDT discussion
  • Group discussion
  • Group presentations

A follow-up tutorial will be held after 6 months. Participants will be required to present a video case study from their own practice at this tutorial.

Summaries of key topics will be provided to participants prior to the workshop, along with a reading list. It will be necessary for participants to review these prior to the workshop.


Information applicants need to have researched and include when registering their interest for this event.

  • Current job title, place of work
  • Brief summary of your current role
  • Is there a current FEDS service or plan to start FEDS service?
  • Brief summary of any previous experience in FEDS management
  • Confirmation from your manager that you will be able to work with at least 2 FEDS clients between the workshop and follow-up day.
  • Confirmation that you have a supervisor identified (unfortunately we are unable to provide external supervision)

***Spaces are limited to 17 participants***


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