Phonetics / Articulatory Therapy Refresher Course, facilitated by Catherine Sheahen, Caint - 25th October, 10am - 12pm Details

Phonetics / Articulatory Therapy Refresher Course 25th October 



  • Overview of speech sound disorders classification subtypes
  • Assessment tools and speech analysis of articulation difficulties
  • Review of IPA and diacritics
  • Stimulability cures for articulations errors
  • Articulation hierarchy and progression
  • Generalisation tips and strategies
  • Case discussion and Q and A


Learning objectives include

  • Knowledge and understanding of the different subtypes of speech sound disorders and where articulation errors may occur.
  • Participants will understand the phonetic properties of speech sounds
  • Participants will identify differences in manner and place of articulation of articulation errors and how to transcribe errors
  • A variety of stimulability cues will be discussed to aid accuracy of articulation of speech
  • Participant will understand how and when to move through the articulation hierarchy
  • Participants will apply knowledge to cases to set goals for articulation clients

Catherine Sheahan

Catherine is the founder of Caint Speech Therapy

She qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from TCD in 1997 and was awarded a Masters in 2009.

She has extensive experience in working with individuals with a variety of speech and language difficulties in Australia, USA and Ireland. Catherine commenced her professional career working with the HSE before subsequently joining the Speech and Language Department at the University of Sydney, Australia.  She has lectured at the University of Limerick as a key member of the Speech and Language Therapy team in the areas of child speech disorders (including dyspraxia), phonetics and stuttering since 2004.

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