Bitmoji Virtual Classroom Webinar Details

Webinar on Bitmoji Virtual Classroom

Presented by Marie Halpin

Learning Objectives:

  • Telehealth – the new ‘normal’
  • What is a Bitmoji virtual classroom
  • Demonstration of bitmoji virtual classrooms
  • Scope of use
  • Creating a bitmoji virtual classroom tutorial/demo
  • Starter pack: how to guides and access to a ‘SLT clinic room’
  • Helpful resources

About the Presenter: 

Marie Halpin has a wealth of expertise across the age ranges, and has worked across education settings, clinic services and specialist contexts. Her area of clinical expertise is working with children who stammer, who also have ASD.

Her background includes working as a specialist SLT in Autism Spectrum Disorders in London. Her role involved working within the integrated neurodevelopmental diagnostic team, mainstream schools and ASD specialist provisions. She supported her schools in working through the Autism Education Trust standards and has a strong interest in universal support. She is trained in the delivery of a range of related therapies, including Attention Autism, SCERTS, Hanen More Than Words, Lamh etc.

She also worked as a specialist at the Michael Palin Centre for many years, which involved specialist consultations and clinical work with children, young people and their families either face-face or via telehealth. She is trained in in a range of therapies for people who stammer, including Palin PCI, Family Communication Skills Therapy, The Camperdown Program, SFBT etc. She developed the study day ‘Stammering Plus- When CWS have ASD’ which runs at the Michael Palin Centre, and has presented on this at a international level at the Oxford Dysfluency Conference 2021. She has contributed to a number of publications, including the Palin PCI manual 2020.

Marie currently works as the National SLT for the NCSE in Ireland. She leads on national SLCN training/CPD for teachers at primary and secondary level and provides sustained in-school support. She is involved in a research project with the University of Limerick, which is examining the implementation of a multi-tiered model of support in schools in Ireland.

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