International Affiliate and Practising Overseas Membership Categories :€120 per year

International Affiliate and Practising Overseas Membership Categories :€120 per year

New Graduate Member Practising Overseas and Full Member Practising Overseas are categories for SLTs who qualified in the Republic of Ireland, or have had their qualifications validated by CORU, and are working overseas. 

International Affiliate Membership applies to those who have qualified overseas, and have not had their qualifications validated by CORU, and are practising outside the Republic of Ireland. This category may also be used by a therapist who qualified in Ireland and is practising overseas but does not meet the requirements for other membership categories. 

The membership year starts from the date of joining and renewal is due 12 months after this date.

Requirements for international affiliate / overseas membership

 You must hold a recognised professional qualification in speech and language therapy 

  • You may hold international membership if qualified and working outside ROI. If you qualified outside the ROI, your qualification must be validated by CORU before you will be approved for transfer to another membership category.
  • Full members practising overseas must agree to meet IASLT standards for continuing professional development. 5% of full members (including those practising overseas) are audited each year. International affiliate members and New Graduate members are exempt from this condition.

Benefits of international affiliate / overseas membership

Access to members’ area of IASLT website 

  • Receive IASLT publications (Update magazine and Journal of Clinical Speech and Language Studies) 
  • New graduate practising overseas and full member practicing overseas may use the titles New Graduate MIASLT, and MIASLT respectively. 
  • Full members practising overseas may apply for a letter of good standing. This can be used to apply for membership of an association that has signed the Agreement for the Mutual Recognition of Professional Association Credentials (MRA). This is only available following one full continuous year of full membership.

  • Log on to 
  • New members need to register their details through the member registration page 
  • Members renewing should enter the members’ area and follow online instructions to renewal. 
  • Pay online using PayPal or by bank transfer. 
  • If you have any difficulty, please email for assistance.