Members with Honours and Full Members with Honours

Members with Honours and Full Members with Honours

The IASLT awards free lifetime membership to members who have made an outstanding contribution to our profession.

This honour has been awarded to ten members to date. The following are the members who have received this award for their outstanding contribution to the profession.

Full Members with Honours  

  • Anne Geraghty
  • Karen Butler
  • Catriona Heslin
  • Dr Marie De Montfort-Supple
  • Dr. Margaret Leahy 
  • Triona Corry
  • Dr Clóthra Ní Cholmáin R.I.P.

Members with Honours

  • Dr.Paul Fletcher
  • Noreen Coyle

What you need to know about insurance cover.

Insurance cover and insurance payment has been separated from IASLT membership fees. This started the 1st of January 2021. Insurance cover is optional for members, depending on their needs. Provisional members who are completing 'Return to Full Membership' requirements will likely not have suitable insurance cover in place through another organisation or employer. Provisional members are advised to discuss their Insurance requirements with the IASLT recommended broker or another appropriate insurance broker to ensure that the required protection is in place for therapists during a period of supervised clinical practice.  In order for IASLT members insurance (fitness to practice and other full insurance cover) to be valid should a future claim arise all members must adhere to IASLT guidelines and standards of practice including all guidance issued in the context of COVID-19.