Provisional Membership: Cost: €175

Provisional Membership: Cost: €175

Provisional Membership is for SLTs who have not practiced for more than 2 years and who wish to become a full member.

Provisional Membership Categories: are for SLTs who have commenced registration with CORU and who have not practiced for more than 2 years.

This membership category allows those SLTs to complete IASLTs “return to full membership” process. On successful completion of this process, provisional members may transfer to the appropriate membership category.

Why should you become a provisional member?

  • You will be able to access the members’ area of IASLT website.
  • You will receive all IASLT publications for the duration of your membership
  • You will be eligible to apply for full membership following completion of the “Return to full membership” guidelines.

Are you eligible to be a Provisional Member?

  • You must hold a recognised professional qualification in Speech and Language Therapy
  • If you qualified outside the Republic of Ireland, your qualification must be validated by CORU.
  • You must agree to meet IASLT standards for continuing professional development. Provisional members are not subject to audit.


What you need to know about insurance cover.

Insurance cover and insurance payment has been separated from IASLT membership fees. This started the 1st of January 2021. Insurance cover is optional for members, depending on their needs. Provisional members who are completing 'Return to Full Membership' requirements will likely not have suitable insurance cover in place through another organisation or employer. Provisional members are advised to discuss their Insurance requirements with the IASLT recommended broker or another appropriate insurance broker to ensure that the required protection is in place for therapists during a period of supervised clinical practice.  In order for IASLT members insurance (fitness to practice and other full insurance cover) to be valid should a future claim arise all members must adhere to IASLT guidelines and standards of practice including all guidance issued in the context of COVID-19.

Return to Full Membership Guidelines

Return to Full Membership Guidelines

If an SLT has not practiced for more than 2 years, the Return to Full Membership Guidelines aim to guide SLTs in how to achieve full membership of the IASLT.

Return to Full Membership Guidelines

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  • New members need to register their details through the member registration page 
  • Members renewing should login to the members’ area and follow online instructions to renewal. 
  • Pay online or if you wish you may pay by bank transfer. 
  • If you have any difficulty, please email for assistance.


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