Universal Language Intervention

Universal Language Intervention

Universal Language Intervention is a preventative public health education model which empowers individuals and communities to provide very young children with natural everyday, opportunities, for language learning, through education and training programmes. It’s a different type of model that gets therapists out of the clinic and into communities to run training programmes for parents and carers of the children in their community.

Sharing a book everyday greatly improves a child’s language development as well as their social emotional and cognitive development. Reading together is also a great opportunity for bonding.

Showing parents how to get the most out of books encourages "dialogic" reading to promote language development. Books are more than just words on a page, they offer a unique opportunity to connect and interact with a child through what is referred to in the literature as ‘responsive interpersonal interactions’. Opportunities to interact in the right type of environment offers children the best chance to learn.

Find out about "Talking Buddies" an example of H.S.E. funded Universal Language Intervention in Ireland

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