Christopher Constantino, PhD, Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Christopher Constantino, PhD, Assistant Professor, Florida State University


We are delighted to announce our first keynote speaker for IASLT Conference 2023 - Christopher Constantino

Christopher Constantino lives in Tallahassee in Florida with his wife, Megan, and sons, Augustine and Sebastian. He is a speech-language pathologist at Florida State University.

Christopher studies how the lived experience of stuttering interacts with culture and society. Christopher’s hope is to improve the stuttering experience by helping people who stutter develop more robust stuttering identities and by developing therapies that make the experience of stuttering more joyful. Christopher takes a stutter positive approach in his work, asking what do people who stutter and those around us gain from our stuttering? He clinically supervises graduate students and teaches graduate classes on stuttering and counselling. Chris enjoys riding his bicycle.

Christopher Constantino provided a TEDx Talk in 2022. Here he discusses what it's like to live with stuttering and how it has opened opportunities to have true human connection. 

Research Interests

Stuttering, Identity, Neurodiversity, Therapy

Teaching Interests

Stuttering & Counseling

Publications & Research

Journal Articles

Gross, M., Constantino, C. D., Latham, D., Randolph, K., Preshia, E., & Rooney, M. (2021). Examining the information communication technology use of rural child welfare workers using the experience sampling method. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science62(3).

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Grants & Awards

Constantino, C. (Jun 2019–Jul 2020). NSA Research Award. Funded by National Stuttering Association.

Constantino, C. (Apr 2019–Dec 2021). Advancing Academic Research Careers Award. Funded by American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Constantino, C. (2019). Stuttering Identity's Contribution to Well-Being Among Adults who Stutter. Funded by Florida State University.

Constantino, C., Gross, M., Latham, D., & Randolph, K. (2018–2019). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Use Among Rural Child Welfare Workers in North Florida. Funded by Florida State University.